Monday, January 1, 2001

Voting Procedures for Proposed Rules

Any proposed rule for Mantle World will go through the following procedures for voting upon:

1)  All voting will be done via WIS sitemail to the commissioner (tecwrg), and the voting timeline will be open for approximately one week.  An exact date/time at which voting will close will be specified for each proposed rule.  Owners can submit their vote at any time during the voting period but they also have the right to change their vote at any time while the voting period is open.  Their final vote will be the only one considered for the final outcome of the voting procedure.

2)  The voting period will NOT be closed early, even if all 32 owners have voted.  This allows for full opportunity for discussion via Mantle World Chat, and also provides owners the option of changing their votes if they see fit.

3)  In order for a proposed rule to be passed, at least 24 votes (75% of the current owners) need to be cast.

4)  Most rules will have three possible options for voting: "yes", "no", or "no preference".

5)  In order for a rule to be adopted, the rule needs to have a 60% acceptance by the voting owners. A vote of "no preference" (if it is one of the options) will not be included as part of the acceptance/rejection calculation. So if a question or rule is up for consideration, if all 32 owners vote, but 7 vote "no preference", then the question or rule will need 60% or the remaining 25 yes/no votes, or 15 yes's, to pass.

6)  If a rule is passed, it will be put in place starting with the following season.  A rule will never be passed and enacted either immediately or retroactively.  A rule that has been passed by the above procedure must stay in place for at least three seasons before it it eligible to be repealed.
7)  Repealing a previously adopted rule will go through the same procedure as described above.  As with adoption of a rule, a repeal of a rule must attain 60% of the vote to be repealed.
8)  If a proposed rule does not pass, and received less than 50% of all votes cast, it cannot be considered for voting again for at least three seasons.
9)  If a proposed rule does not pass, but received 50% or more of all votes cast, then it can be considered for voting again as early as the following season.  If it fails again a second time with over 50% of the vote, it must wait another two seasons before reconsideration for voting.

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