Monday, July 26, 2010

"Win Minimum" Rule Defeated in Narrow Vote

Mantle World's first order of business after going private was to vote on whether or not we wanted to adopt a rule on minimum number of wins required in order for an owner to retain their franchise.

Commissioner tec instituted a voting policy that would require any world rule that was to be adopted would have to (a) receive at least 24 votes from current owners (in which the owners would vote either "yes", "no", or "no preference"), and (b) there would need to be at least 60% "yes" votes between the yes's/no's cast (i.e., the "no preference" votes would be excluded).

The results of the win minumum rule voting was:

Yes - 17 (56.7%)
No - 13 (43.3%)
No Preference - 2 (excluded)

So by a narrow margin of only one vote, adoption of a "win minimum" rule, starting in season 18, has been defeated. It will not be revisted again this season. It can be brought up again for discussion and voting again during season 18 (for adoption in season 19) if desired.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Official! We're Now a Private World!!!

Mantle World was notified by Site Staff on July 5, 2010, that we were eligible to become a private world. We voted, and by a vote of 21 private, 4 public, and 7 no preference, we elected to go private, with me (tecwrg) as commissioner.

Site Staff was notified of our final decision two days ago, and we officially became a private world this morning.

More to come.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tec's Useless Trivia - v17

Here are cumulative standings for each division through Mantle World's first 16 seasons:

Detroit Tigers151910730.5860
Chicago Black Sox143411580.55385
Scranton Apollos143111610.55288
Kansas City Blues141511770.546104
Cincinnati Porkers136712250.5270
Norfolk Fatheaded Statheads132412680.51143
Baltimore Blast121913730.470148
Durham Bulls117814140.454189
Richmond Generals128913030.4970
Jacksonville Seminoles127313190.49116
Jackson Bootleggers119313990.46096
Charlotte Moose Hunters110514870.426184
Portland Poltergeists145311390.5610
San Francisco Oles135312390.522100
Colorado Springs Mile High Marines132212700.510131
San Diego Seagulls100215900.387451
Minnesota Mighty Men140211900.5410
Trenton Titans132412680.51178
Milwaukee Suds130312890.50399
New York Apples128813040.497114
St. Louis Cards125213400.4830
Dover Drop Bears122213700.47130
New Britain Blood Brothers117114210.45281
Rochester Rochy Road Rochstars115714350.44695
Florida Lockdown151910730.5860
Texas Long Horns135312390.522166
Louisville Beaners128113110.494238
Oklahoma City Power Failure123813540.478281
Salt Lake City Snowflakes130412880.5030
Vancouver Fighting Skeletons129312990.49911
Oakland Polish Hammers124613460.48158
Albuquerque Isotopes123413580.47670

And if that's not enough trivia to digest at one sitting, lets also take a look at the post season history of each team in Mantle through it's first 16 seasons. The following lists number of division titles, number of wild card appearances, number of LCS titles, number of WS titles, and the number of different owners that each franchise has been managed by:

AL NorthDivWCLCSWSOwners
Detroit Tigers77112
Chicago Black Sox23111
Scranton Apollos52001
Kansas City Blues29113
Cincinnati Porkers90113
Norfolk Fatheaded Statheads51226
Baltimore Blast12101
Durham Bulls11001
AL SouthDivWCLCSWSOwners
Richmond Generals51111
Jacksonville Seminoles61213
Jackson Bootleggers40111
Charlotte Moose Hunters10007
Portland Poltergeists92202
San Francisco Oles41211
Colorado Springs Mile High Marines32111
San Diego Seagulls00004
NL NorthDivWCLCSWSOwners
Minnesota Mighty Men64101
Trenton Titans34002
Milwaukee Suds52115
New York Apples22113
St. Louis Cards42003
Dover Drop Bears71207
New Britain Blood Brothers10005
Rochester Rochy Road Rochstars41009
NL SouthDivWCLCSWSOwners
Florida Lockdown103731
Texas Long Horns43103
Louisville Beaners13101
Oklahoma City Power Failure11005
Salt Lake City Snowflakes50103
Vancouver Fighting Skeletons35006
Oakland Polish Hammers30102
Albuquerque Isotopes51003