Monday, July 26, 2010

"Win Minimum" Rule Defeated in Narrow Vote

Mantle World's first order of business after going private was to vote on whether or not we wanted to adopt a rule on minimum number of wins required in order for an owner to retain their franchise.

Commissioner tec instituted a voting policy that would require any world rule that was to be adopted would have to (a) receive at least 24 votes from current owners (in which the owners would vote either "yes", "no", or "no preference"), and (b) there would need to be at least 60% "yes" votes between the yes's/no's cast (i.e., the "no preference" votes would be excluded).

The results of the win minumum rule voting was:

Yes - 17 (56.7%)
No - 13 (43.3%)
No Preference - 2 (excluded)

So by a narrow margin of only one vote, adoption of a "win minimum" rule, starting in season 18, has been defeated. It will not be revisted again this season. It can be brought up again for discussion and voting again during season 18 (for adoption in season 19) if desired.

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