Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mantle Season 18 Power Rankings

For what it's worth, HBD owner knucklebones runs an internet radio show in which he covers HBD news and various worlds. He's assisted by another HBD owner, tomjames, who puts together Power Rankings for various worlds and publishes them on their website. Last night (11/24/2010), Mantle was covered by knucklebones on his radio show and the Mantle Power Rankings were discussed.

If you're interested, you can listen to the radio show here:

Actual news about Mantle starts at around 20 minutes into the show.

If you just want to view the Power Rankings, you can see them here:

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Commissioner's Challenge Award (S18)

Our first full regular season as a private world has just completed, and the season 18 playoffs are now underway.

As I mentioned when we became a private world, I was instituting the "Commissioner's Challenge", which would go to the team that had the most wins during the season without making the playoffs.

I'm happy to announce the first winner of a $5 WIS Gift Certificate as mbooker of the Jacksonville Seminoles, whose 87 wins was still 7 games short of earning a post-season appearance.

1) 87 wins - Jacksonville Seminoles (mbooker)
2) 86 wins - Norfolk Fatheaded Statheads (silentpadna)
3t) 83 wins - Jackson Bootleggers (rwright)
3t) 83 wins - Chicago Black Sox (tomq)
3t) 83 wins - Charleston Loggerheads (sir_slamalot)
6) 82 wins - Florida Lockdown (welsh5)
7t) 80 wins - Milwaukee Suds (battmann)
7t) 80 wins - Vancouver Fighting Skeletons (diryn)
9) 78 wins - Sacramento Boo A's (lightmn13)
10t) 72 wins - San Francisco Oles (evegoe)
10t) 72 wins - Monterrey Sugar Kings (drichter)
12) 70 wins - Portland Poltergeists (selmer)
13) 69 wins - Kansas City Blues (rbedwell)
14) 68 wins - Little Rock Cigars (shanklsa)
15) 67 wins - Trenton Titans (KGS77)
16) 65 wins - Oakland Polish Hammers (goodtymes31)
17) 63 wins - San Diego Seagulls (ericsomsel)
18) 62 wins - Charlotte Moose Hunters (jmil397)
19) 61 wins - Washington D.C. Metros (jmaese)
20) 55 wins - Cincinnati Porkers (kevinkevinra)