Friday, September 25, 2009

Around The League (A.L. South)

Jacksonville Seminoles (AL)
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The Seminoles are the only team above .500 in the division and therefore have the largest lead (5 games) over the 2nd place team in their division. Sanford and Collier are getting it done as always.

Best Bat: Cesar Urbina
Best Arm: Ahmed Sanford

Best Bat: Blake Jackson
Best Arm: Esmailyn Martinez

Jackson Bootleggers (AL)
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If the Bootleggers don't reach 80 wins this season, it'll be the 10th straight season they will have failed to do so. Mired in the Mississippi mud.

Best Bat: Cam Lincoln
Best Arm: Sam Atchley

Best Bat: John Leonard
Best Arm: Bryan Silvestri

Charlotte Moose Hunters (AL)
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In Charlotte, the moose is still loose. The Hunters just can't seem to get any traction. It's looking like another 100+ loss season is possible.

Best Bat:Johnny Olson
Best Arm:Louis Hennessey

Best Bat:Jerome Judd
Best Arm:Alberto Cordero

The Generals continue the rebuilding efforts. A $19 million payroll won't win you too many games, but based on dgtrache's history, we know there's a plan.

Best Bat:Marino Tejera
Best Arm:Gil Wallace

Best Bat:Darby Moss
Best Arm:Vin Villalona

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Around The League (N.L. North)

After a 3-game winning streak, the Mighties find themselves in a tie for first with the New York Apples at 17-10. Minnesota won 98 games last year to win the division and it looks like they'll be in contention again this season.

Best Bat: Bill Hewson
Best Arm: Don Yoshii

Best Bat: Junior Gonzalez
Best Arm: Jorge Lucano

Original owner, jonas1102, returns for his 2nd season at the helm of the Apples and he has his club playing very well after their worst season in history last year when they won just 52 games.

Best Bat: Scott Rose
Best Arm: David Moore

Best Bat: Steve Baez
Best Arm: Harry Blanco

The Titans have the co-leaders in their sight, but they'll need to play better at home to keep them there. .500 on the road is manageable, as long as you're playing well at home.

Best Bat: Sherm Roberts
Best Arm: Mickey Sosa

Best Bat: Pedro Acevedo
Best Arm: Jung-Lee Kyung

After a lot of success in the early years of Mantle World, the Spuds franchise hasn't played in the deep end of the pool in a while. So far this season, the Spuds are still in the shallow end.

Best Bat: Allie Perkins
Best Arm: Luis Henriquez

Best Bat: Edwin Hammond
Best Arm: Midre Paz

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Around the League (A.L. North)

The Apollos currently find themselves in familiar territory atop the AL North. Scranton is looking for their 3rd straight division title while continuing to chase their 1st World Championship.

Best Bat: Pat Masao
Best Arm: Tex Keagle

Best Bat: Bernie Moreno
Best Arm: Bruce Bennett

Chicago Black Sox (AL)
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The Black Sox look to rebound from a season ago when they finished last in the division. 5 games up on 3rd place Detroit should have the Windy City faithful feeling "easy breezy" for now.

Best Bat: Derek Taylor
Best Arm: Dick Orosco

Best Bat: Sparky Jacquez
Best Arm: Ahmed Randall

Detroit has some ground to make up early and it doesn't look like a 90-win season is attainable, but they'll make a run. They need their pitching and hitting to get in sync.

Best Bat: Jim Maas
Best Arm: Cesar Moreno

Best Bat: Troy Murray
Best Arm: Kareem Kelly

It's a struggle right now in Wichita, but like Detroit, the talent is pretty good. Expect this race to get closer as the season progresses.

Best Bat: Julio Valenzuela
Best Arm: Garry Donatello

Best Bat: Benny Pena
Best Arm: Vladimir Piedra