Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Around The League (N.L. North)

After a 3-game winning streak, the Mighties find themselves in a tie for first with the New York Apples at 17-10. Minnesota won 98 games last year to win the division and it looks like they'll be in contention again this season.

Best Bat: Bill Hewson
Best Arm: Don Yoshii

Best Bat: Junior Gonzalez
Best Arm: Jorge Lucano

Original owner, jonas1102, returns for his 2nd season at the helm of the Apples and he has his club playing very well after their worst season in history last year when they won just 52 games.

Best Bat: Scott Rose
Best Arm: David Moore

Best Bat: Steve Baez
Best Arm: Harry Blanco

The Titans have the co-leaders in their sight, but they'll need to play better at home to keep them there. .500 on the road is manageable, as long as you're playing well at home.

Best Bat: Sherm Roberts
Best Arm: Mickey Sosa

Best Bat: Pedro Acevedo
Best Arm: Jung-Lee Kyung

After a lot of success in the early years of Mantle World, the Spuds franchise hasn't played in the deep end of the pool in a while. So far this season, the Spuds are still in the shallow end.

Best Bat: Allie Perkins
Best Arm: Luis Henriquez

Best Bat: Edwin Hammond
Best Arm: Midre Paz

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