Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Around the League (A.L. North)

The Apollos currently find themselves in familiar territory atop the AL North. Scranton is looking for their 3rd straight division title while continuing to chase their 1st World Championship.

Best Bat: Pat Masao
Best Arm: Tex Keagle

Best Bat: Bernie Moreno
Best Arm: Bruce Bennett

Chicago Black Sox (AL)
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The Black Sox look to rebound from a season ago when they finished last in the division. 5 games up on 3rd place Detroit should have the Windy City faithful feeling "easy breezy" for now.

Best Bat: Derek Taylor
Best Arm: Dick Orosco

Best Bat: Sparky Jacquez
Best Arm: Ahmed Randall

Detroit has some ground to make up early and it doesn't look like a 90-win season is attainable, but they'll make a run. They need their pitching and hitting to get in sync.

Best Bat: Jim Maas
Best Arm: Cesar Moreno

Best Bat: Troy Murray
Best Arm: Kareem Kelly

It's a struggle right now in Wichita, but like Detroit, the talent is pretty good. Expect this race to get closer as the season progresses.

Best Bat: Julio Valenzuela
Best Arm: Garry Donatello

Best Bat: Benny Pena
Best Arm: Vladimir Piedra

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