Saturday, January 1, 2011

Minimum Win Rules Adopted

After a couple of weeks of voting, Mantle World has adopted a rule that mandates that a franchise must win a minimum of 110 games over two consecutive seasons, starting in season 20.  Failure to win 110 wins over two seasons will result in an owner leaving Mantle.

Owners who fail to meet the requirements and leave Mantle can be considered for reinstatement in Mantle after one season away, though there will be no guarantee that they will be able to return  or be able to take over the franchise of their choice.

Any replacement owner that comes in after the regular season has started will be exempt from the rule for that season only.  Any replacement owner that comes in before the regular season has started may be considered for exemption at the discretion of the commissioner.

The commissioner will send a sitemail at the beginning of each season to all owners reminding them of how many wins they need in the upcoming season to meet the minimum win rule requirements.  A copy of this sitemail will also be sent to WIS via a ticket as documentation of the rule in the unlikely event of an owner being unwilling to leave despite failing to meet the requirements.  Hopefully, that never happens.