Thursday, September 4, 2008

Season 9 Recap

With Season 10 around the corner, we'll take one last look at Season 9.

The National League's Florida Lockdown pulled off a remarkable World Series Championship winning 4 straight games after dropping the first 3 to the Jacksonville Seminoles.

National League slugger, Sherm Roberts of the Trenton Titans won his 2nd MVP award after hitting .373 with 46 home runs and driving in 145 runs.

In the American League, Kevin Mullins of the Portland Poltergeists won his 5th straight MVP award! The scary thing is, he's only 27 years old! Mullins batted .321 with 59 home runs and 138 rbi.

The National League Cy Young Award went to Harry Mateo of the Tacoma Baymen. This was his 2nd straight award. Mateo went 18-7 with 207 strikeouts, a 1.95 ERA and 9 complete games.

Domingo Pizzaro of the Poltergeists was the American League's Cy Young Award winner. This was Pizzaro's 2nd Cy Young Award. He won his first award back in his rookie campaign when he was also named Rookie of the Year. Pizzaro was 24-2 with 193 strikeouts and a 3.14 ERA.

Additional Award Winners:

N.L. Rookie of the Year - J.D. Shermann, Minnesota Mighty Men
N.L. Fireman of the Year - Bono Little, Fresno Silver Bullets

A.L. Rookie of the Year - Dan King, Scranton Apollos
A.L. Fireman of the Year - Andy Scott, Richmond Generals

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