Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mid Season Report - A.L. South

Season 9: 1st Place (96-66)
Season 10 Prediction: 2nd Place
Season 10 Place/Record: 1st Place (54-42)

Impact Player: Marino Tejera - 18 HR, 56 RBI, 66 RS, .333 BA, 1.004 OPS
Impact Pitcher: Clay Runyan - 12-6 W/L, 3 CG, 144.1 IP, 4.74 ERA

Everything In Its Right Place

Richmond is playing very well on both sides of the ball. They're one of 3 teams in the A.L. with 1,000 hits and the Spiders currently rank 3rd in batting average (.290). The addition of Clay Runyan has been huge for Richmond. His other numbers aren't outstanding, but he's tied for the league lead in wins with 12 which is all that really matters. Andy Scott is up to his usual tricks with 20 saves, 5 wins and a tiny 2.27 ERA. The biggest impact offensively is the addition of Marino Tejera who was called up from Triple A. Tejera will certainly be a Rookie of the Year candidate at season's end if he keeps it up. I expect Richmond and Jacksonville to be battling right down to the last game of the season.

Jacksonville Seminoles (AL)
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Season 9: 2nd Place (93-69)
Season 10 Prediction: 1st Place
Season 10 Place/Record: 2nd Place (51-45)

Impact Player: Cesar Urbina - 20 HR, 74 RBI, 73 RS, .313 BA, 16 SB
Impact Pitcher: Gene Hayes - 10-3 W/L, 2.91 ERA, .243 OAV, 1.31 WHIP

Take You Down
The top of Jacksonville's rotation is one of the best in the league. I'd hate to play these guy in a short playoff series. Then again, once you get to the bullpen, it's a whole new ballgame. The Seminoles have 11 blown saves and closer Joseph Yoshii has a 6.97 ERA. I have to figure mbooker will get this bullpen stabilized to keep the 'Noles in contention. Offensively, Jacksonville relies on 5 guys to produce runs. I won't list all 5, but Cesar Urbina (noted above), Rafael Estrada and Luther Howard are all having great seasons.

Jackson Bootleggers (AL)
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Season 9: 4th Place (66-96)
Season 10 Prediction: 3rd Place
Season 10 Place/Record: 3rd Place (48-48)

Impact Player: Pablo Ordonez - 78 RS, 48 SB, 65 RBI, .299 BA, .366 OBP
Impact Pitcher: Carmine Byrd - 9-3 W/L, 5.19 ERA, .265 OAV, 1.42 WHIP

We Built This City
rwright has done a masterful job with the Bootleggers this season, in my opinion. First of all, he's got his team in the thick of the race in the A.L. South. That's pretty impressive considering Jackson finished 27 games behind Jacksonville last season. But, that's not all. The Bootleggers have pulled off some great trades this season to make the future of the franchise even brighter. Out, are veterans J.D. Acosta and Charles Costello, as well as the enigmatic Moises Reynoso. In, are future prospects Justin Kotsay, J.C. Sager and Cy McCall as well as power hitter Ringo Anderson. Jackson can definitely look forward to the future, but now is not out of the question either.

Charlotte Moose Hunters (AL)
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Season 9: 3rd Place (70-92)
Season 10 Prediction: 4th Place
Season 10 Place/Record: 4th Place (40-56)

Impact Player: Greg White - 25 HR, 60 RBI, 63 RS, .543 SLG
Impact Pitcher: Jim Floyd - 7-6 W/L, 4.50 ERA, 1.46 WHIP, 40 K's, 56 IP

No Submission
I've said it many times and I'll say it again. Charlotte has a ways to go. Poor management in the past has made it difficult for this team to have success. Charlotte hopes to stockpile young guys like Tim Black, Humberto Park and Juan Fernandez to build a foundation for a couple seasons down the road. Although they really need to focus on the future, Bronson Gibson and Abraham Langerhans are both having a very solid season.

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