Monday, May 18, 2009

League Championship Series Playoff Predictions

American League

Jacksonville Seminoles vs. Norfolk Tobacco Farmers

I'm very impressed with what the Norfolk Tobacco Farmers have done so far in the playoffs. I thought they'd get through the first round, but I didn't think they would take out Portland in round 2. After dropping a close game 1 in the series, they went on to win the next 3 games by a total of 5 runs. I'd have to go with Pablo Rodriguez as the MVP of the last round as he was the winner of game 2 and pitched 2.2 scoreless innings to earn the save in game 4.

As for Norfolk's opponent, the Jacksonville Seminoles did exactly what I thought they'd do to this point. They won both of their series by a total of 3 games to 1, just like I predicted. As I noted early on, Jacksonville's pitching is the difference maker. In their 8 playoff games, the Seminoles have given up 20 runs for a 2.5 runs per game average. They won't lose too many games giving up just 2 to 3 runs a game. Now, Jacksonville's offense hasn't been piling it on, but they are averaging 4.75 runs per game thus far in the playoffs. Luther Taylor really took it to the Apollos in the DCS as he was 7-15 with 4 runs scored and 5 runs batted in.

As much as I'd like to see my division rival Norfolk get to the World Series, I have a lot of respect for mbooker and his club and I think it simply might be his time to get a ring.

Prediction: Jacksonville wins series, 4-2.

National League

Florida Lockdown vs. Kansas City Monarchs

Here's an interesting fact: If the Florida Lockdown don't win the World Series this season, this will be the club's longest drought without winning it in their history. Hard to believe, but true. With 3 rings in 11 seasons, the Lockdown make sure they don't lease out their stadium for other events come playoff time. While they hadn't reached the LCS since season 9 until now, they hope history repeats itself because that was the last time they won the whole thing.

Meanwhile, neilcor and his Kansas City Monarchs are hoping and praying that I pick Florida to advance. I've tried my best to get rid of the Monarchs by picking against them in each of the first 2 rounds, but they just keep pinning my predictions up on the bulletin board and Patsy Owens has taken it personally. Owens lit up the Mighty Men going 10-20 with 6 runs scored and 12 runs batted in (in only 4 games)!

Unfortunately for the Monarchs, their defying run stops here. When welsh5 and the Lockdown smell blood, it's as good as done. I'm predicting an all-Florida final, just as it was in season 9. Will Jacksonville get revenge or will the Lockdown continue to own the Sunshine State? We will soon find out...unless my predictions are WRONG!

Prediction: Florida wins series, 4-3.

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  1. I fear you got this one right, except in fewer games