Sunday, June 14, 2009

Season 13 Division Predictions: A.L. South

Jacksonville Seminoles (AL)
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Season 12: 1st Place (89-73)
Season 13 Prediction: 1st Place

The Skinny:
mbooker's club finally won the coveted World Series championship last season so there's no better place to start the predictions than in Jacksonville.
The Seminoles return the great pitching staff that led them to their first championships and it seems like this core might be together for a couple more seasons as Ahmed Sanford is the only starter over the age of 30. Cesar Urbina should be an MVP candidate this season.

Breakout Performer: SP Rodney Hurst

Jackson Bootleggers (AL)
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Season 12: T-2nd Place (79-83)
Season 13 Prediction: 2nd Place

The Skinny:
We've been patiently waiting on the Bootleggers and think this might be the season they climb another rung on the ladder. Carmine Byrd and Sam Atchley are a great 1-2 punch on the hill and Todd Webster is a superb closer. If Pablo Ordonez can take his game to the next level and improve upon his OPS, Jackson might be a playoff contender.

Breakout Performer: SP Sam Atchley

Season 12: T-2nd Place (79-83)
Season 13 Prediction: 3rd Place

The Skinny:
Richmond is going to rely heavily on Sammy DaSilva to win games this season as the pitching staff is not very deep with the departures of Richmond stalwart Gerald Krause, JP McEnroe and Clay Runyan. The Generals offense will be led by building-block Marino Tejera, but it's pretty apparent that the Generals are looking to rebuild for the future. That could make Tejera trade-bait later in the season.

Breakout Performer: LF Marino Tejera

Charlotte Moose Hunters (AL)
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Season 12: 4th Place (56-106)
Season 13 Prediction: 4th Place

The Skinny:
After 3 straight seasons at the bottom of the division, the Moose Hunters should have a chance to climb out of the cellar this season. In order to do so, Charlotte is going to have to swing the bats better this season. There aren't any superstarts, but they've got a handful of pretty solid players including 25-year old Warren Gibson. 23-year old Juan Fernandez will lead the staff and hope to improve upon his 10 wins last season.

Breakout Performer: RP Goose Pickering

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