Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Waiver Wire and Minor League Pitching Staff Rules Adopted

Two additional rules for Mantle World were proposed, voted upon, and adopted for implementation starting in season 21.  The two rules are described below:

1)  "Waiver Wire Rule" - After the trade deadline has passed, teams may have no more than 7 players on the waiver wire at any one time. This does not include players who have been released (who automatically show up on the waiver wire). This is for true waivers only. First violation will result in a warning. Second violation will result in being removed from the world.

2)  "Minor League Pitching Staff Rule" - Each franchise is expected to keep healthy pitching staffs at all minor league levels. If a violation is noticed, the owner will be given four days from notification to get their minor league staffs in order. If still not addressed, the owner will be on probation and if the problems are still not corrected after seven days, the owner will be removed from the world unless he can show that meaningful steps were taken to attempt to address the situation.

Both rules passed by receiving over 60% of the votes cast (excluding any votes of "no preference").  They will start to be enforced during season 21.  Full voting results can be found at:


As commissioner, I do not intend to actively police all 32 teams to ensure that these rules are constantly being enforced.  I am looking for other owners in the world to bring any perceived violations to my attention if and/or when they see violations occurring.  At that time, I will take over responsibility for addressing enforcement with the violating owner.

I will remind all owners of these rules at the beginning of each season.  I intend to also document these rules with the purpose of informing all potential incoming new owners of these rules in our recruitment thread in the "HBD Classifieds" forum.  Should we ever have the need to bring in a mid-season replacement, those owners will also be informed directly by me of these rules to make sure they understand the expectations.

Finally, concerning the "Minor League Pitching Staff Rule", I will consider extenuating circumstances because I know that sometimes "real life" gets in the way and we cannot be as attentive to our teams as we want.    As long as the explanation for violation seems reasonable, I will take that into consideration as part of the process.  However, blatant violation of the rule without a reasonable explanation will be subject to full enforcement of the rule as described above.

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