Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cash in Trades Rule Adopted

After some discussion in the World Chat concerning the inclusion of cash in trades, a common theme emerged in which many owners felt that the inclusion of cash that exceeded the amount of salary being received in a trade should not be allowed.  This was put up for a vote to formalize this as an official world rule, and has passed.

Starting in season 27, there should be no trades that include cash being sent to one team that exceeds the total amount of salary being received by that team.  Any such trade that is offered and accepted should be vetoed by the other 30 owners in Mantle.

Final voting results are as follows:

Yes - 21 votes (75.0%)
No - 7 votes (25.0%)
No preference - 1 votes (not included)
Did not vote - 3

Results: PASSED - rule to be adopted starting in season 27

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