Friday, August 8, 2014

Proposal to Eliminate Minor League Pitching Rule Soundly Defeated

A discussion in the Mantle world chat about the minor league pitching rule that was put in place effective with season 21 led to a proposal that the rule be repealed.  The rule requires that all teams must keep healthy pitching staffs at all minor league levels.  The proposal to repeal the rule was put up to a vote, and has been soundly defeated.

Final voting results are as follows:

Yes (repeal the rule) - 8 votes (30.8%)
No (keep the existing rule in place) - 18 votes (69.2%)
No preference - 3 votes (not included)
Did not vote - 3

Results: DEFEATED current rule to remain in place

According to Mantle world rules, this rule must remain in place for at least another three seasons, and cannot be considered for repeal again until season 36.

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