Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Old Faces, New Cities

The offseason between seasons 17 and 18 have seen some changes, both in ownership and in franchise locations, all the National League.  The American League has returned completely intact and unchanged.

First, our new owners. 

First, Mantle is glad to welcome back longtime (and original) owner sir_slamalot, former owner of the Burlington/Buffalo (now Cincinnati) AL franchise, who is now the owner of the former Dover franchise in the NL East.  Slam returns after a self-imposed two season hiatus and has relocated the team to it's new home and name, the Charleston Loggerheads.

Secondly, Mantle also welcomes back owner lightmn13, who has reclaimed his previous Anaheim franchise (S17's Salt Lake City franchise) after being away for one season, and has relocated them upstate as the Sacramento Boo A's.

A couple other owners have taken advantage of our first rollover as a private world to relocate their franchises to new cities as well.

jmaese has relocated his team from St. Louis to our nation's capital as the Washington D.C. Metros; drichter has taken his Texas team south of the border as the newly rechristened Monterrey Sugar Kings; and in a last minute surprise move, shanklsa has moved the Louisville franchise to Arkansas as the Little Rock Cigars.

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