Monday, December 8, 2008

Will Jesus Be The Savior?

AP (Scranton, PA) - In need of a starting pitcher, the Apollos trade for Jesus...Abreu, that is. The Scranton Apollos traded a trio of players including Cookie Mateo, Dick Strong and Douglas Young in exchange for Jesus Abreu who comes to Scranton from the Minnesota Mighty Men.
"I had to trade Dick Strong and a guy named Cookie because I believe the guy I'm acquiring, Jesus, will be the savior of my franchise," said Apollos owner, tecwrg. The reference to Cookie Mateo and Dick Strong was due to the fact that the pair have developed quite the fan following in Scranton as they progressed through the Apollos minor league system.
Dubbed "Cookies & Cream" by teammates, Mateo and Strong were inseparable around Scranton, and although disappointed that they're leaving the Apollos organization, were happy to note that they'll still be playing together in Minnesota.
As for the Mighty Men, they have to be happy with the players they got in return for Abreu. Mateo and Strong are both major league ready although neither has even played AAA ball yet. It'll be interesting to see whether they start the season with a stint in AAA or head straight to the majors. Douglas Young, the 3rd player going to Minnesota, also has major league potential although he's a couple years away. Young projects to be a long reliever/spot starter.

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