Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mantle World Owner Interview - goodtymes31

Welcome to our latest "Meet Your Fellow Owner" interviews of Mantle World owners.  We are now moving away from our original owners who have been here since day one, and on to some of the next group of owners who have been here since the early days.

Today, we chat with goodtymes31, the longtime owner of the Oakland Polish Hammers franchise.  Goodtymes31 joined Mantle in season 5, and is now in his 22nd season of ownership.  GT31 is still looking for his first Mantle World Championship, though he did take home the National League pennant way back in season 6, his second season in our world.  Let's find out a little bit about him.

Tec: Tell us a little about yourself.

Goodtymes31: I am a 29 Year Old District Manager for an import car company, born, raised, and finally back and living just southeast of Pittsburgh after some time in South Jersey and Baltmore. Huge fan of all of the Pittsburgh sports teams, but die hard Pirates fan. Also a Penn St Grad, so multiple collegiate alliances.

Tec: Outside of Hardball Dynasty, what are some of your other interests and hobbies?

Goodtymes31: Started playing poker with the online poker boom, and have gotten to a point where it has become a nice little supplement to my income. Love to golf when I get the chance, and if there is a sports SIM out there, I have most likely either tried it, or am currently addicted to it.

Tec: Did you play any sports growing up?

Goodtymes31: Baseball has always been my passion. Played a little soccer and basketball, but pitched through high school, and even a little Semi Pro (well, that's what we called ourselves, basically 1 notch below the independent leagues) until real life didn't permit anymore.

Tec: Who are your favorite all-time players?

Goodtymes31: This is an odd one, but Andy Van Slyke was my favorite player to watch growing up. Man could cover ground, and watching him throw during warm ups was amazinginly impressive.

Loved Tony Gwynn and Greg Maddux. There was just something so pure about the way they played the game that you don't really see anymore.

Tec: What has been your favorite real-life sports experience or memory?

Goodtymes31: There were a couple, but all seem to be family related. The great thing about baseball is that the games allow for time to bond, and moments to bond over, so my two most memorable moments were being at Three Rivers Stadium with my dad when the Pirates clinched in 1992. Also got to take my three year old daughter to her first Pirates game this year (at her request), and even though we only made five innings, just having there with me in her Pirates jersey, asking questions, was priceless.

Tec: What's been your most memorable non-sports experience in your life?

Goodtymes31: Going to try to keep this non family related, and avoid the obligatory "When I got married" or "When my daughter was born", those were a given. I got the fortunate experience as a junior in High School to travel with the local Boy Scout Troop to Philmont State Park, and hike the Rocky Mountains without a guide for two weeks. Got to see a bear up close, sleep in the mountains, do some climbing, and watched a tree get struck by lightning. Unlike any other experience I will probably ever have.

Tec: If you were an HBD player, what position would you play and what would your ratings be?

Goodtymes31: Definitely a pitcher. High STA and DUR, splits around 45/50 or so. Velocity 10, control 90, P1 (fastball) 55, P2 90 (curveball), P3 20 (change up)

My bunt rating would be through the roof, easily maxed at 100.

Thank you goodtymes31 for participating in our latest Mantle World Owner interview, and good luck to you this season and onward.

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