Monday, October 29, 2012

Mantle World Owner Interview - MikeT23

Continuing on in our series of interviews of Mantle world owners, we move on to a relative newcomer in Mantle, MikeT23.  Well known in the world of HBD, particularly because of his participation in the WIS site forums, Mike joined Mantle in season 21 as the new owner of the Scottsdale Fighting Artichokes.

The winner of three division titles in his first five seasons in the AL West, Mike has continued the success enjoyed by this franchise, the former Portland Poltergeists.

Mike was interviewed by WIS as part of it's User Interview series just over a year ago, so rather than "reinvent the wheel" and reinterview him, we are just going to link to his WIS interview here.

WIS User Interview: MikeT23

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