Friday, November 2, 2012

Mantle World Owner Interview - indiansrck27

Welcome to our latest "Meet Your Fellow Owner" interviews of Mantle World owners.  Today, we chat with indiansrck27, the longtime owner of the Rochester Rochy Road Rochstars franchise.  Indians joined Mantle in season 13, and is now in his 14th season of ownership.  The owner of six NL East division championships, he's twice taken home the NL pennant (in seasons 18 and 23), but was left at the alter both times.  Let's find out a little bit about him.

Tec: Tell us a little about yourself.

Indiansrck27: I am a 23 year old Combat Engineer (soon to be Psychological Operations Specialists) in the US Army, which I've been in for 3 years. Originally from Fayetteville, NC; currently live in Bamberg, Germany where i'm stationed, but in a month I am PCSing to Fort Bragg.

Tec: Outside of Hardball Dynasty, what are some of your other interests and hobbies?

One (two?) of Indiansrck27's interests.
Indiansrck27: Traveling all over Europe has been awesome opportunity. Running, proud to say I'm the fastest person in my Battalion. Running is when I can clear my head. After those like any guy sports, fantasy sports, music, boobs, and food.

Tec: Did you play any sports growing up?

Indiansrck27: Baseball, basketball, and soccer organized, everything else I played just not organized. Mom would never let me play football, said I was too fragile.

Tec: Who are your favorite all-time players?

Indiansrck27: Sandy Alomar Jr, Grady Sizemore (regardless of his injuries) and most Indians that haven't betrayed us or signed a huge deal and then seemingly fall of completely. I'm looking at you Hafner. Steve Atwater is my favorite NFL player of all time. Teemu Selanne favorite hockey player, and I really don't have a favorite basketball player NBA wise but any Tar Heels ever are pretty much on the list. Dider Drogba for soccer, he played for Chelsea until this season.

Tec: What has been your favorite real-life sports experience or memory?

Indiansrck27: As big of a Indians fan as I am, I have yet to be able to go to a game. By the time I had a job that would allow a trip up there money wise, I was in the Army and in Germany. I will next season though. But I have been to a few NCAA tournament games played by the Tar Heels during their 2009 championship. Also been to a few Carolina Panthers games. So nothing too exciting for me at this point in my life.

Tec: What's been your most memorable non-sports experience in your life?

Indiansrck27: Easy for me, deploying to Afghanistan for a year. I could talk for days about the crap we went through.

Tec: If you were an HBD player, what position would you play and what would your ratings be?

Indiansrck27: Hmm.. 2B, around 75 contact, 0 power, 60 vs R and 95 vs L (im a lefty with the stick myself but I always did good). Eye would be high, I got walked alot cause I was small back in the day. High base stealing and speed. Good fielder, but wouldnt win the Gold Glove.

Thank you indiansrck27 for participating in our latest Mantle World Owner interview, and good luck to you this season and onward.

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