Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mantle World Owner Interview - tedwmoore

Welcome to our latest "Meet Your Fellow Owner" interviews of Mantle World owners.  Today, we chat with tedwmoore, the owner of the Albuquerque Roadrunners franchise.  Ted joined Mantle in season 22, stepping in to pick up the pieces of a huge mess caused by the double-whammy of the sculley/greeny9 fiasco with the Albuquerque franchise which nearly crippled the franchise.  After we were able to work with WIS customer support to undo most of the damage done by sculley and greeny9, Ted has not only stabilized the team but has turned it into a strong and successful franchise going forward.

Tec: Tell us a little about yourself.

Tedwmoore: I am 34, live in Minneapolis and am a stay-at-home dad. We have one daughter who turns three the 21st of this month and my wife is due in early January with our second, a boy.

Tec: Outside of Hardball Dynasty, what are some of your other interests and hobbies?

Tedwmoore: I recently began home brewing and that has consumed a good chunk of my free time. Brewing feeds several of my interests -- self-sufficient food production (I know, non essential, but I drink enough beer that self production is a nice budget saver); agriculture, specifically the locality of food and how geography and climate affect quality/taste; nerdy obsessiveness with scientificy type stuff that I barely understand -- that I am already obsessed with brewing and energized to read as much as possible about it, to discuss it with as many people as possible and to develop my procedures and techniques as fully as possible.

Other than brewing I recently set myself the goal of completing a triathlon and I am enjoying the sensation and benefits of being back in the gym with motivation to push myself.

And as all proper Minnesotans do, I enjoy being outside year round, specifically kayaking, camping, fishing and snow shoeing (another new hobby).

Tec: Did you play any sports growing up?

Tedwmoore: Yes, and poorly. I played soccer through middle school as a defenseman, I ran track and cross country for two years during high school, and I played baseball but never made it past pee wee leagues.

Tec: Who are your favorite all-time players?

Tedwmoore: I'll limit this to baseball. Being from KC my favorites are Royals heavy: George Brett, Dan Quisenberry, Frank White, Bo Jackson and other ususals from that era (I am a bit too young to have seen Amos Otis and John Mayberry). As a kid I also loved Tony Gwynn, Kirby Puckett, Ricky Henderson, Cal Ripken and Robin Yount (back when Milwaukee and KC were in the same division, Yount and Brett had a nice little rivalry as to who was the better hitter). There are probably a few contemporary players who will make it into my all-time favorites as well: Carlos Beltran, Albert Pujols (he played high school ball in my home town), Joe Mauer, Frank Thomas...others.

Tec: What has been your favorite real-life sports experience or memory?

Tedwmoore: Rushing the field after the Hawkeyes clinched the Big Ten title in the early oughts. Yes, I am an Iowa grad. I barely remember the '85 Royals, and though I remember both Twins' championships well (my family is from MN but my parents moved to KC when I was young, so, yeah, I have some crazy split allegiances thanks to family influence) I was not there to see it in person. But rushing the field to celebrate a Big Ten title -- and this was when winning the Big Ten still meant something -- was amazing.

Tec: What's been your most memorable non-sports experience in your life?

Tedwmoore: Others have said it, but marriage and becoming a parent are hard to top. I would add my brief time in the military to that category as well: all three helped define me by providing structure and purpose to my adult life. Work obviously does the same, but in more mundane and less drastic ways: life long commitment to a spouse or a child or an ideal (as with military service) are incomparable to any other experience, at least in my mind. Other than that it is hard to say. I got stung on the dick once and that sucked hard, but it sure as hell was memorable.

Tec: If you were an HBD player, what position would you play and what would your ratings be?

Tedwmoore: Catcher. Average range and fielding, decent-to-solid arm, poor accuracy, upper 90s pitch calling. At the plate I might as well be a fence post.

Thank you tedwmoore for participating in our latest Mantle World Owner interview, and good luck to you this season and onward.

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